Using my experience as an employer and working with businesses to help build more disability confident workplaces I now work to bring a personalised service in the way of job-seeker support with the intention of making a meaningful difference.

I am committed to deliver great results and I will strive to provide a personal service to job-seekers that provides a great outcome.

Selwyn Cook

The services I am offering Job-seekers are -

  • A Job-seeker Preparation, Job Search and In-work support programme.

  • In work support.

  • Continuing to work together.

1: Job-Seeker Preparation, Job Search and Support Programme

Job-seeker Preparation & Support Programme

I have developed this three part programme to give job-seekers a helpful edge during their application process, to help them find work and to support them and their employer when they are in work.

“As an employer for over twenty-seven years, at a time employing over 200 staff, I have interviewed and employed many people. I believe many of the traditional job applicant approaches can miss the mark in terms of what an employer is looking for”.

“There are many employment opportunities available that could suit many job-seekers as no experience may be necessary just an enthusiastic willingness to do a great job”.

Part 1: Job-seeker Preparation

Part One is the preparation programme. I deliver this first part in three stages as it requires the job-seeker to do some research and take some action. It includes some exercises. The focus is on particular industry and job matching. Each stage would take about 60 minutes but this would depend on the job-seeker. The job-seeker would also need to allow some research time and some visit time to a workplace. The final stage includes completing an introductory video profile to introduce them to an employer.

  • The term of this part is 3x approximately one hour sessions during the first month.

Part 2: Job-seeker job search

Part Two is an actual job-search and connection service. I support the job-seeker by -

  • Assisting them by producing an employer pack with their current CV and their first part material.

  • Connecting in with job-seekers to confirm ideas, leads and the direction of their job search and generally supporting them in their job search.

  • Connecting with employers by phone, email, on line applications & face to face to try to gain interviews.

  • Introducing them to employers and supporting them at an interview.

  • The term of this service is for six months from job search start and in conjunction with Part 3.

Part 3: In Work Support

Part Three is an in-work support service. I support the now new employee and employer by -

  • Connecting frequently with both the employee and employer to ensure the health and wellbeing of the employment relationship. If there are any issues I will work with the parties to help correct these.

  • The term of this service is for six months from job search start in conjunction with Part 2.

New Zealand gold coin

Pricing: Job-seeker preparation and support programme

1x $600. (funding may be available).

Term: Seven months.

Local travel: 1x $50

Plus gst

(Out of area travel costs by agreement).

Review - Mr Andrew McLean: Z Retailer.

“I was able to interview a Job-seeker who had been through this programme. It is not often that we come across an applicant who has such good knowledge of Z Factor and who is so well prepared. She was a real pleasure to interview and we immediately set her up for a work trial.”

Glen's success story.

Glen is a fine 29 YO young man who was looking for his first job. During the job search stage one approach we used was a direct approach to employers via LinkedIn. The post went viral with at the time of this image being taken there were 100,131 views of Glens video, 3,741 likes, 231 comments and 250 shares. From that five serious opportunites were presented to us for Glen to explore. Glen is now emaplyed in a fantastic role at Gilmours, Hamilton.

Review - A parent of a job-seeker: Hamilton.

"Selwyn was recomended to me. Selwyn's approach is very fresh and engaging, his ability to connect with my son (who has autism) and keep him focused on his goals is pricless. His technique and strategies are unique. The result a very impressive interview with a job my son could see him self working his entire life. He is a joy to work with, friendly, kind and very dedicated. I would recomend Selwyn to anyone looking for their forever job".

Review - Our experience with Selwyn Cook - Parents of a job-seeker: Waikato.

" We have a 22 year old daughter with an intellectual disability complicated by FAS, ADHD and behavioural issues. She has been looking for meaningful work since she left high school. We have tried various agencies but there have been no results. Selwyn was recomended to us by EGL. Selwyn carefully explained to us how he saw things and how it would work if we engaged him to help, he also outlined other avenues of support that we might like to think about such as some interview coaching.

He displays a genuine interest in the people he is dealing with and is highly organised in how he proceeds. His patience is an asset whilst providing guidance towards getting the infomation he is looking for. There is subtle attitude coaching going on when he is engaging with his clients.

So far our daughter has had one job interview (which she has never had before) and while we are waiting for the outcome of that, we are looking at other possible employment situations with Selwyn. His attitude of knocking on doors rather than waiting for possibilities to be advertised is innovative and is so far the most promising approach we have seen.

While our daughter does not have a job through Selwyn's efforts the interview was encouraging and if any approach is going to work we feel that Selwyn's system has by far the hightest probability of success that we have seen to date".

2: In Work Support

In Work Support

Sometimes it's important to have someone in your corner in particular in a workplace role. I will stay connected with you and your employer to make sure the employment relationship is going well with no unaddressed concerns. See details of in work support in my job-seeker programme above.

New Zealand gold coin

Pricing: In Work Support

$100 per month (Funding may be available).

Minimium Term: Three months.

Local travel: 1x $50

Plus gst

(Out of area travel costs by agreement).

3: Continuing to Work Together

Continue to work together

Lets continue to work together. Be it for further job searching, in work support or just working to help build on your dreams and asperations for your life ahead, lets continue to work together.

New Zealand gold coin

Pricing: Continuing to work together.

$100 per month (Funding may be available).

Minimium Term: Three months.

Local travel: 1x $50

Plus gst

(Out of area travel costs by agreement).

"Unless disabled people are intentionally included in employment they will be unintentionally excluded".

Optional Supporting Workshop: Controlling Fear By Believing in Yourself.

Two session workshop

FacilitatorChristine Sidwell: People Solutions.

  • $330 (Funding may be available, zero rated for GST)

  • Bookings through Selwyn.

Have you ever not done something that you really wanted to do but you talked yourself out of it? Or have you gone ahead and done it but you didn’t do your best ‘work’ at the interview or the audition or within a team? You are not alone. Literally our lives are made up of countless decisions and then actions that either take us closer to our dreams or further away from those dreams.

I am recommending the services of an expert, through her own business People Solutions, who has been working closely with theatrical performers (having previously been one herself), athletes who have high potential to be international representatives, through to people in the workplace who are striving to perform at their best whoever they may be. Christine works closely with people to help them learn how they can bust through the barriers that are holding them back.

Review - A Parent of a job-seeker: Thames.

I see he is more confident having completed Christine Sidwells course! Yippee. In fact he is taking it seriously.

Optional Supporting Service: Professional CV writing

Managing Consultant – Kim Dyball: youthABLE.

  • $165. (Funding may be available, plus GST).

  • Bookings through Selwyn

A professional reading CV is important for the overall presentation of any job-seeker to an employer. Kim’s CV style reflects a balanced approach as it focuses on who people are and what they will bring to an employment relationship rather than just a focus on qualifications and previous experiences.

Kim is a well known advocate for disability with a lived experience. Her CV service includes an initial meeting to get to know the person and any background, formatting and preparation of the CV and a follow up consultation.