Selwyn Cook 

Phone: 027-480-4569


Katinka Hugo

Phone: 027-827-7992


Marley Jenkins

Phone: 027-256-7066


Melissa Ngatai

Phone: 027-307-1144


Cat Taylor

Phone: 027-384-2246


SFBC Limited. 

Trading as: selwyn.cook - Disability Employment.

Location: Waikato, New Zealand 3287.

GST: 063-284-971. 

The Covina Group -

Selwyn & Sherry met in the city of Covina, California USA. They have chosen as their group of activities name in recognition of this. Group activites of Selwyn & Sherry include -

LinkedIn:  Selwyn Cook

Selwyn Cook is a participating founder of the Disability Business Network. The My Business Starter programme  is an introduction to the key business concepts of operating a business. The key outcome is that participants can make an informed decision on whether to progress with their own business. 

Logo Hospice Waikato Gift of Care Supporter

Selwyn & Sherry Cook are very proud Gift Of Care supporters of Hospice Waikato.

Not every disability is visable - some are hidden.  The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower will let us know that you may need some additional support.