The services I am offering employers are -

An Employers Story

A presentation story of how Selwyn's business became committed to the employment of disabled people and the successes these dedicated people brought to his business. 

Building a Disability Confident Organisation

The benefits organisations are able to acheive around the employment of disabled people truely come when they are disability confident. This workshop, hosted by Grant Cleland - Creative Solutions & Selwyn Cook, will address the many issues that organisations and employers may have,  and help build that confidence from lived experience perspectives. 

Available via Zoom or F2F.  30% discount for organisations that have employed one of Selwyn's job-seekers. 

Supporting a Business or Organisation

To work within your business or organisation to help build disability confidence and to represent your business as a supporter of disability employment. 

The Sunflower  Programme

Not every disability is visible - some are hidden. 

The Hidden Disabilities Sunflower makes you visible. It is a discreet sign to indicate to people around the wearer, that you may need additional support, help or just a little more time and understanding. 

The programme also includes an employer offer to educate and support workplaces and Sunflower members.

Let me introduce you to the Sunflower programme and it's New Zealand agents.

The Accessibility Tick Programme

Logo Accessibility Tick

Let me introduces you to the Accessibility Tick programme team. 

The Accessibility Tick programme is a membership programme designed to help organisations become more disability inclusive employers and accessible for people wiith disabilities.

The first objective is to increase employment opportunities for people with disabilities. The programme helps members make tangible improvements so that when our disability sector partners make employment placements with them, these placements are successful for both the employer and the employee.

The second objective is to support organisations to understand and provide better service to customers who have accessibility needs, helping them become more inclusive to those with disabilities. 

Other services

Please talk to me about any other services not in the above list where I can add value to a business or organisation to support disability employment. 

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I am committed to deliver great results and outcomes and my intention is to provide a service to business & organisations to support the successful employment of disabled people. 

Pricing is available on request.